Lily & Ranunculus Bouquet

#7: They are the Perfect Housewarming Gift

We can’t think of anything more appropriate to send as a housewarming gift than an arrangement of silk flowers. It’s an easy way to let someone know that you are thinking of them during an important time in their life. A quality silk flower accent or centerpiece adds instant life and happiness to a room. Its fresh appeal and natural realism will be enjoyed for many, many years. And it will always serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness and your special relationship.

Whether moving into a first apartment, or into that well-deserved dream house, or just downsizing an empty nest, moving into to a new home is a life changing event. Even though it can be chaotic, it should be a happy time. A silk flower arrangement from makes it even happier. It is a perfect gift – it doesn’t need any care, doesn’t require assembly, doesn’t add another thing to the to-do list. It is simply beautiful right out of the box and ready to be placed in that perfect spot. makes sure sending flowers is a happy experience

We know from experience the joy our permanent flower arrangements and plant designs bring to our clients. And we know your gift is important because it is your expression of genuine sentiment. We guarantee it is a happy experience.

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