There’s no denying that a dozen red roses is the classic Valentine’s Day gift. But if you’re thinking about sending fresh roses, you may want to reconsider. We’ve all heard the horror stories of Valentine’s Day flower deliveries. Many of us have firsthand experience. Let’s face it, the whole fresh flower industry is at system overload for that week and the quality of the product and service suffers. And in many parts of the country, winter weather and cold temperatures compound the problems.

Frozen-Valentine's-Day-Roses-2013 Valentine’s Day flower designs make unforgettable gifts

One of the many benefits of choosing silk rose arrangements over fresh cut roses is they are worry-free. Their quality is not affected by the volume of orders, shortages of qualified labor, and cold winter temperatures. Silk roses can be confidently sent to your special Valentine knowing it will be delivered on time and arrive in perfect condition. And if your gift is left on the doorstep because your loved one is not home, you can be sure it will be beautiful when it is eventually opened.

We ensure your gift of lush, beautiful silk roses will be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come. It is a high quality flower design which will easily become part of the recipient’s interior home décor. We guarantee it will be a lasting memory of your special Valentine’s Day message that will never wilt.

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Fresh flower deliveries are conditional anytime of the year.

If you have ever received a delivery of fresh flowers, you are aware they can be “stressed” as a result of shipping and handling, and should be immediately placed in water so they “can revive in 8 – 12 hours”, and they “should” attain their full blooms “over the next few days”, but only if “the enclosed care instructions” are followed. Imagine how freezing winter temperatures add to the everyday stress of delicate fresh cut roses. does not include any “special care instructions” with our permanent flower and plant arrangements. They are beautiful and care-free right out of the box, and our guarantee is unconditional.


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