Anthurium Trio Silk ArrangementIt’s astonishing how a floral design can refresh your interior décor and lift your spirit. What could be a better way to decorate for your summer enjoyment and seasonal entertaining than with the bright colors of tropical flowers and the lush texture of tropical plants?

Tropical floral designs certainly capture that laid-back, relaxing-in-paradise, toes-in-the-water feeling that renews your décor as well as your mood. They create the ambiance of a beautiful tropical resort and rejuvenate the happy feelings of vacation contentment. They can also tell family and friends it’s party time.

Whatever your purpose, can help you add a splash of vibrant tropical color and lush greenery to any room, or establish an entire rainforest plantscape in your very own exotic paradise.

Our artificial tropical flower arrangements  and plant designs capture exotic tropical beauty and diversity in creations of dramatic tropical floral designs, delicate orchids, lush floor plants and trees, and organic succulents.

Tropical Botanical Designs for Every Decor

Tropical floral arrangements are exotic and unique, but don’t think of them as being exclusive to a tropical décor theme. Obviously, the worldwide appreciation of their beauty and diversity demonstrates universal acceptance.

Tropical botanicals display exceedingly well in any décor style. They add sophistication to contemporary, modern, and traditional décor; simplicity to minimal; and diversity to eclectic. They add exotic flair to Asian, African, and Mediterranean interior styles.

Formal or casual, residential or commercial, the tropical category name should not limit your creative interior decorating ideas. Natural beauty, color, and texture can never be out of place.

Tropical Orchids & Ginger Silk Flower Arrangement

Greenhouse Phalaenopsis Faux Orchid

Double Full Spathiphyllum Silk Plant

8' Double Kentia Silk Palm

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