Summer begins June 21. It is incredible how a change of season can bring about a change of priorities in our lives. Summer is the time to celebrate. It is the time to enjoy outdoor living and recreation, a time to share with family and friends.

Summer is also the time for entertaining. Adding seasonal décor accessories to your home is an ideal way to enhance that entertainment experience for family and friends. What could be a better way to decorate for summer than with the bright colors and unique diversity of tropical flowers and lush green tropical plants?

Create a summer décor in your home that captures that relaxing-in-paradise, toes-in-the-water spirit of vacation time. It will not only refresh your interior decor, it will revive your spirit and generate feelings of contentment. A splash of vibrant tropical floral color and the lush texture of exotic foliages are all you need.

DIY Summer Home Decorating Made Easy

Turn your home into a relaxing tropical resort with lifelike permanent botanicals. high quality, artificial tropical flower arrangements and plant designs are exotic, unique, and carefree. It’s easy and affordable to capture the natural beauty and diversity of an island paradise.

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Choose from lifelike designs of artificial tropical flowers, which include bird of paradise, anthurium, torch ginger, and heliconia. The natural beauty of our graceful orchid designs rival the live specimens. Complete your look with lush floor plants, wispy palm trees, and remarkable succulents.

Tropical botanicals display exceedingly well in any décor style. Formal or casual, residential or commercial, the “tropical” description should not restrain your creative decorating ideas. However, tiki torches and grass thatching are your call.

Torch Ginger and Orchid Arrangement

Torch Ginger and Orchid Arrangement

Aspidistra & Chinese Evergreen Silk Plant

Aspidistra & Chinese Evergreen Silk Plant

6' Reed Palm Silk Tree

6′ Reed Palm Silk Tree


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