Springerii Fern Accent

Springerii Fern Accent

Last weekend was exceptionally frustrating. I decided to fire the service provider for my cell phone and internet bundle. I re-bundled the internet into my cable service and switched to a new cell provider. Anyone who has changed their communications service provider can guess this was NOT a seamless transition.

I won’t rant about the old provider’s out-of-country customer service. (The corporate genius who made that decision obviously delegates someone else to take care of his problems.) Or rant about spending two hours at the cell phone store to have four phones set up only to discover two hours later, when they were activated, that two of the new phones had switched contact lists.

The internet change was another technologic nightmare. For some reason the easy do-it-yourself installation only installs easily when the cable service provider changes your account information to indicate you are now purchasing internet service! Imagine that – only four more hours of my weekend lost. And I said I wouldn’t rant.

 But I Will Rave

But I will rave about the flowers and plants we provide. As I sit at my desk writing this blog, I find peace in the fact that our customer service personnel can actually provide service, actually answer questions, and actually make decisions and provide solutions. And, that our artificial flower and plant designs really do what they are supposed to do right out of the box – they make people happy. No delay, no set-up, no problem… just simple joy and natural beauty. Immediately!



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