The Cherry Blossom is one of the most anticipated arrivals of spring. Americans celebrate the magnificent display of blossoms during March and April at festivals across the country. The timing of the blossoming varies and depends upon regional climate conditions.

The 2015 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC predicts their peak blooming period to be April 11-14.

In 1912, the People of Japan sent 3,020 cherry trees to Washington, DC as a gift of friendship to the People of the United States. The cherry blossom is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and culture because it represents the ephemeral, or transient, nature and beauty of life. The blossoms usually last for two weeks. However, frost, wind, and rain can greatly reduce that brief period.

Perhaps this is the reason our artificial Cherry Blossoms stems and designs are perennial favorites. Silk cherry blossoms are an easy and affordable way to add refreshing floral beauty to home and office. Enjoy their incredible realism and delicate beauty as a permanent part of your interior décor. Capture and preserve the joyful feeling of new life that spring delivers.

6' Silk Cherry Blossom Tree - Pink

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