Dying-plantDo your family and friends refer to you as the houseplant serial killer? Do they organize betting pools on how many days the new houseplant is going to survive under your expert care? Do the local greenhouse personnel smile when they see you walk into the store?

A black thumb may seem like a curse. Nevertheless, a green thumb is not a gift. It is a skill. You aren’t born with a green thumb – you develop one. Developing a skill involves choices: a change in habits, a desire for knowledge, a commitment of time, and love of the journey. In other words, it requires work.

You may love plants and flowers because they are beautiful. They add a wonderful touch of nature to your home. They make you feel good. However, you may not love the commitment of time and energy necessary to make them flourish, or at the very least keep them alive. Relax; you are not the harbinger of death as the greenhouse workers refer to you. It is not a character flaw. It is simply a choice to spend your time and talents elsewhere.

Silkflowers.com is Your Green Thumb

A notation from a client written on her order stated “very excited about this catalog; answer to my missing green thumb :).” Obviously, she is a person who loves flowers and plants and hasn’t been successful growing her own. We are happy to help put a smile on her face.

Your passion for beautiful flowers and plants does not need to turn into a guilt trip. High quality artificial flower arrangements, plants, and trees from Silkflowers.com deliver all the rewards of a green thumb. We design them for the indoor environment. They are lifelike renderings that will impress the most discerning eye. Fulfill your desire to bring nature’s beauty into your home and office. We’ll deliver the same happiness to you.

7day vs. 7years-dying plant

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am so bad with live plants. I really wish I had the gift to kept them lush and alive!! I kill everthing!!! Not sure if there is too little light or if I’m watering too much or too little. I’m a busy, full time working Mom and it gets a bit overwhelming. Your plants are beautiful!

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