Take a good look at your office and business today. What kind of first impression does it create? Is it inviting to customers? Does it inspire employees? Does it reflect a caring image? Are you projecting success? If so, you are to be congratulated as your décor reflects the environment and the culture you have built into your business. If not, a simple solution is only a few clicks away.

Silkflowers.com can help you introduce the beauty and realism of nature into your office and business. Our permanent botanicals will help you create an inspirational environment; one that nurtures feelings of well-being, reduces stress, raises job satisfaction, and increases creativity and productivity. Read more about these benefits in our earlier blog: “Interior Design Alert – Don’t forget the Flowers”.  A nurturing environment is one that attracts and retains people who will contribute to your business success. Great companies have great people. Great people thrive in a great culture. And a great culture is the result of great leadership.

Deluxe Hybrid Vanda Orchid

Tropical Paradise

Bamboo Bonsai Tree

Tall Deluxe Ficus Tree – 12ft

Succulent Dish Garden

Yucca & Grass Tabletop

Silk Papyrus Plant

Deluxe Croton

Double Silk Silver Queen Plant

Silkflowers.com makes it easy and affordable to create an environment that benefits great people.

The charm and allure of our hand crafted silk flower arrangements, silk plant designs, and artificial trees have all the beauty of nature, but none of the hassles. They are designed for the indoors; they don’t require any maintenance and are a cost effective, long term alternative to live plants.

And doesn’t this also apply in your home?

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