Walk around your home. Pretend you are a visitor, or a realtor who is staging your home for an open house. Do your eyes naturally focus on something when you enter a room? Does the room elicit an emotional response and put a smile on your face? Are you happy with the message it sends? Is it inviting? Does it create a feeling of well being? Is there a warm and fuzzy reaction or is it more like a cold slap in the face? Is it full of life or is it a dead zone?

What’s missing?

More than likely it’s missing a floral element. People have a natural affinity to nature. Their eyes instinctively are drawn to natural color and beautiful form. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, there are subliminal psychological benefits gained by adding plants and floral designs to a room’s décor. The bottom line is they just make people feel better. High quality silk flower arrangements and plant designs produce these same benefits, without any of the hassles of fresh cut flowers or live plants.

Silkflowers.com can revitalize the dead zone.

“Dead zone” may be a bit extreme, but Silkflowers.com’s permanent plants and floral designs infuse life, color, and style into any room. Our goal of natural realism and our standard of high quality produce amazingly life-like designs. Our silk designs change the personality of a room – adding instant warmth, interest, and happiness. The following photos demonstrate this transformation.

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