De-personalize and de-clutter; donate, store, or throw away; clean; reorganize and rearrange; repair or replace; wash, scrub, and polish; caulk; touch-up, paint, and refinish; clean again; disassociate and scrutinize. Whew… that is just the “must do” list for the inside of your home. One more thing, you can no longer think of it as your home. It is just a house; it’s something you are trying to sell.

Walk around the house, room by room. Pretend (disassociate) you are a visitor who is checking into a resort hotel, or vacation rental house. Critique (scrutinize) your house as though you were a paying guest. You DO NOT want to see any remnants of the previous occupant. You DO want to see plenty of space where you can put your stuff when you move in.

Ask yourself objective questions. Does the room elicit an uplifting response and put a smile on your face? Are you happy with the message it sends? Is it clean? Is it inviting? Does it look comfortable? Does it create a feeling of well being? Is it a happy and welcoming space or cold and uninspiring? Does the room or area have purpose? How will it look in a realtor’s photograph? Do your eyes naturally focus on something as you enter each room? Is it full of life, or is it a dead zone?

Add the Final Touch to All Your Hard Work

If your answer to these questions is anything but positive, then more than likely you are missing floral décor elements. Why do finer resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants, and casinos (everyone in the business of hospitality) decorate with flowers and plants? These businesses know people have an instinctive attraction to nature. Beautiful form and natural color appeals to everyone.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, there are subliminal psychological benefits gained by adding flower and plant designs to a room’s décor. The bottom line is they just make people feel better, more comfortable, and welcome. High quality silk flower arrangements and plant designs produce these same benefits, without any of the hassles that fresh cut flowers and live plants create. permanent botanical designs infuse life, color, and style into any room. Our goal of natural realism and our standard of high quality produce amazingly lifelike designs. Our silk flower arrangements and artificial plants add the final touch you need to change the personality of a room – infusing instant warmth, interest, and energy. Flowers and plants make people feel good; they make people happy. Is it not beneficial to put a potential homebuyer in that frame of mind?

Orchid & Calla Lily Silk Centerpiece

Orchid & Calla Lily Silk Centerpiece |

Maple Ivy & Grass Silk Plant

Maple Ivy & Grass Silk Plant |

7' Fiddle Leaf Fig Silk Tree

7′ Fiddle Leaf Fig Silk Tree |

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