There are nearly half a million results found when searching Google for the exact (using quotation marks) title of this blog. Plenty of great advice is out there. Finding ideas that make sense for your home, in your market, and within your budget may require a little digging. One decorating idea with which most experts would agree is that the inclusion of flowers and plants into your home décor is beneficial for the sale of your home.

Over the years, our clients who are builders, developers, and realty companies, have commented that placing artificial flower arrangements and silk plants in their model homes and condominiums for sale have consistently contributed to positive results. A few strategically placed designs yield amazingly positive impressions. Silk floral accents and centerpieces on counters and tabletops; artificial silk plant designs in bookcases and atop cabinets; and artificial floor plants and trees in decorative containers, situated in a corner, or used to draw attention to the vertical space – they add life and energy, completing the interior decor.

Beautiful flowers and plants stimulate the imagination; they help potential buyers think about what their own interior design would be and to visualize their own furnishings in the home. Flowers and plants make people feel good; they make people happy. Isn’t it beneficial to put your potential buyer in that frame of mind? high quality, beautifully designed, silk flower arrangements and artificial plants can help stage your home for showings. An additional benefit, after the sale, they all still belong to you.






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