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23″ ZZ Silk Plant

Everyone loves to join a celebration. No self-respecting person of Irish ancestry would be offended by saying that the Irish really know how to celebrate. That may be why the rest of us wear the green on St. Patrick’s Day, claim to a wee bit of Irish blood, and perhaps even spread about a little blarney.

St. Patrick’s Day 2014 falls on Monday, March 17. In many cities with Irish population, St. Patrick’s Day parades are traditionally a focal point of the day. Of course, the festivities that follow are just as important.

New York City’s parade is the oldest, since 1762; and the largest, nearly 40 blocks and 6 hours long. Boston claims New England’s largest Irish population and the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in 1737. Chicago’s celebration includes dying the Chicago River an incredible shade of Irish green. Across the nation, everyone loves to celebrate on this day.

Go Green(ery)

It’s understandable that this is such a popular holiday. Its proximity to the first day of spring, March 20th, certainly boosts the spirit of the celebration up a notch or two. Spring makes people feel good. Nature comes alive and everything turns green again. Everybody and everything seem to be celebrating.

You can capture this feeling by adding a little green(ery) to your indoor environment. Don’t worry, no green thumb is required. Silk plants are carefree. They look beautiful right out of the box and continue looking great for many years to come. Our artificial plants add happiness and beauty to your indoor environment the same way spring rejuvenates and decorates the outdoors.

Premier Fern Silk Plant

Premier Fern Silk Plant

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