Dogwood Branch & Birch

Dogwood Branch & Birch

The first day of spring 2013 has come and gone. Too bad Old Man Winter hasn’t got the message yet. For many, this winter has been extremely difficult, and for others, not so bad. But no matter where you live, everyone is happy that spring is finally here, even if it has only arrived on the calendar.

Gardeners are especially happy and are anxiously waiting to start digging. Anticipation has been building since they received their seed catalogs and developed their plan. Gardeners are patient people.

Don’t Wait for Your Blooms

An article “Rooms in Bloom” in Better Homes and Gardens, March 2013, by Laura Fenton supports the concept of an interior garden. The basic idea is to create your own greenhouse effect in the living areas of your home. To quote her, “Blooms, branches, and leaves – real and rendered – turn a living room into an airy conservatory.” (Regrettably, a link to the article could not be provided.) makes it easy to cultivate the beauty of an indoor garden, with immediate results. Our “rendered” flowers and plants are so natural and realistic; they produce the same satisfaction and enjoyment as a live garden… with a lot less work. Add a touch of our Spring 2013 harvest to your interior landscape.

It is not an Either/Or Situation

Our high quality artificial flowers, plants, and trees can mingle in your indoor conservatory with your live house plants and the fresh flowers that you harvest from your garden. They blend together naturally and allow you to create an interior landscape that has dynamic variety with uplifting color and interesting texture; and a permanent freshness and feeling of new life.

Just to share an idea that our clients have shared with us… they use our “rendered” orchid stems to stick into the dirt of their live orchid plants after the blooms fall off. They receive the full enjoyment of their orchid plants year round, even when they’re not “really” in bloom. What a great idea!

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