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Succulent Dish Garden

Succulent plants make a fantastic addition to the exterior landscape. When planted in mass or as specimens, they add unique color combinations, as well as texture and form to any garden. Native to arid regions, many can thrive in hardiness zones 3 to 9. Once established, they require minimal care, will spread by producing offsets, and are easy to propagate.

Cacti are the most commonly known of the succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Cacti are the only succulents which have spines; there are literally thousands of succulent species without spines. Almost everyone is familiar with at least one of the hen and chicks varieties. Their natural earthy beauty and live-forever character have made these perennials an increasingly popular choice among gardeners and landscapers.

 Simple natural beauty for interior design 

The same is true for their artificial counterparts. Succulents are fast becoming one of the hottest trends for interior landscaping (plantscaping) and interior design. Inspired by their natural beauty, has created several permanent succulent designs which capture the simple, earthy appeal of these distinctive plants. Jade, Echeveria, Aloe, and Sedum have been added to traditional favorites such as Agave, Dracaena, Yucca, and Orchids and have been included in many of our designs.

These reproductions are so realistic – you can’t resist the urge to touch them. Even then, you’re still not sure if they are real or artificial. It’s kind of fun to observe people’s reaction to them. Just like the outdoor varieties, they add interesting color, texture, and form to the indoor environment. And obviously, plants are “perennials” which require zero maintenance (well … maybe just an occasional dusting).

For those interested in outdoor planting, the USDA Hardiness Zone Finder will help you find the hardiness zone in which you live. And for those who wish to add our permanent, carefree succulent designs to your interior décor, view and click the photos for all the details.

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