White Tall Poinsettia, Birch & Berries

MAKE A HOLIDAY STATEMENT in RED & WHITE! Standing tall in acrylic water, 36″ tall cluster of silk poinsettias.

Poinsettias are a must-have element of just about every holiday décor. And quality silk poinsettias make it easy to use this holiday favorite in just about every possible application. Silkflowers.com poinsettias have large lush blooms. Their detail, texture, and coloration present natural freshness and realism. Our three wonderfully fresh colors – rich and vibrant red, subtle and sophisticated white, warm and rosy mauve/cream – provide unlimited options for any interior décor. When it comes to these beauties, it really is “the more, the merrier”.

What’s New This Season

This year we have added two additional colors to our traditional red poinsettia offerings. And we incorporated these two colors, white and mauve/cream, into our coordinated holiday designs. Our holiday accents and centerpieces provide a beautifully designed complement to the timeless appeal of our potted poinsettia plants.

And due to popular demand, we now offer the same poinsettia in our stem line, |Available Here|. All three glorious colors are available for you to add a creative finish to your holiday decor. Use the triple bloom stem whole or cut it apart with a wire cutter. Place them into a vase of winter foliages; insert them into your tree; cluster them into your wreaths, garlands, and door swags. And it doesn’t matter if your tree and greens are fresh. No one will know these poinsettias are silk; that is unless they touch them, and maybe not even then.

Silkflowers.com Silk Poinsettia Plants are a Perennial Favorite
Poinsettia Accent Poinsettia Accent in Mauve | www.silkflowers.com

ADD LAYERS OF COLOR & TEXTURE to any corner of the room with a realistic silk poinsettia accent. Mauve/pinks soften the room, while reds add pops of color.

We love to make people happy and we love to hear your comments. Here are some of our favorites:
  • “They’re so easy and care-free. I can’t kill them!”
  • “I was surprised by all the compliments we received. And I loved every minute of it!”
  • “Our home has never looked so beautiful during the holidays.”
  • “Over the years, they have become a part of our family tradition. Last year I didn’t put them all out and the kids asked ‘what happened to the poinsettias?’”
  • “People who visit our dealership can’t believe they aren’t live poinsettias. They keep asking the sales people if they are real because they look so good.”
  • “My husband says I’m addicted to your poinsettias. I add more to my decorations every year. He’s threatening to hold an intervention.”
  • “They make our holidays so much more enjoyable.”
  • “This is the sixth year we put out your poinsettias. They look as good as new because we store them in the shipping boxes just like you said.”
  • “I sent one of your poinsettias to my friend when she moved out of town a few years back. Every year she calls when she decorates and thanks me.”

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