There are not many things more beautiful than a fully bloomed flower. This one (BELOW) was difficult to walk past without pausing to admire the vibrant color and intricate detail. This wonderful purple cosmos was the lone bloom on the plant, perhaps its last of the season. It caught my eye, and I had to take a photo.


Being in the silk flower business, I was compelled to compare this live image with our silk purple cosmos (BELOW). All artificial flowers and plants are inspirations from nature, reproductions of natural specimens. We use this particular silk purple cosmos spray as filler flower in a few of our arrangements.


A filler flower is comparable to a supporting actor. It’s not the star of the arrangement; its purpose is to highlight the focal flower and add a pop of color and additional dimension. Although it may be a different variety, our silk cosmos compares rather nicely to the live flower. It is definitely a nominee for best supporting actor. is proud to show the quality of our flowers up close

Live-Cosmos-Spider-Close-Up-spiderWe were surprised to discover a photo bombing spider in our cosmos close-up

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