We often speak of our goal of natural realism and of how nature influences our design process. Feedback from many clients substantiates our message and some stories are rather amusing. The most common seem to involve a friend or family member who watered the artificial plants while housesitting. We have also heard that good intentioned housekeepers like to add water to our silk flower designs arranged in vases of crystal clear acrylic water. While these stories can be funny, they no longer surprise us.

However, we are surprised and delighted by stories involving animals. One of our earliest animal experiences occurred on a photo shoot. The photographer was running behind with his previous appointment. He was photographing golden retrievers for a dog food advertisement. One of the dogs, distracted by our trees and floral arrangements staged just off set, bolted toward our trees. (No, fortunately, it wasn’t what you’re thinking.) The big guy was thirsty from working under the hot lights and tried to drink the acrylic water from the bowl of one of our silk flower arrangements.

This same photographer related his animal experience about one of our silk flower designs. Every so often, while sipping his morning coffee, he would notice a hummingbird hovering outside his kitchen window. Apparently, our red silk impatiens plant on his inside windowsill mesmerized the persistent bird. The flowers continued to draw him to the window; of course, the little fellow didn’t know they were artificial.

Here’s the Most Amazing Story We Have Ever Heard

After cleaning one of our ficus trees as described in an earlier blog, “How to Clean Really Dirty Silk Trees and Silk Plants”, a customer placed her ficus tree in the shade to dry. She forgot about it until the next morning. It must have blown over during the night because she found it laid flat on the lawn. As she carried it back into the house, she noticed something weird on one of the leaves.

She sent us these two wonderful photos. Apparently, one of the many stinkbugs that were residing in her vegetable garden ventured out into the grass. This rather confused little “stinker” decided the underside of a silk ficus leaf was an ideal place to lay her eggs.



Our realistic silk flower arrangements and artificial plant designs can fool people – that’s our goal. It’s surprising they can fool a thirsty dog and a hungry hummingbird. However, the award for most amazing story goes to the stinkbug, she steals the show.

7' Greenhouse Ficus Silk Tree


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