We would like to share this one reason

The reasons probably number in the thousands, but we think the following testimonial from one of our clients captures the essence of a common purpose. It reflects sincere sentiment and reaffirms that our goal of “making people happy” is attainable. It is special to us because it was totally unsolicited:

“I have to tell you that each time I look at the flower arrangements I really do feel a sense of joy seeing them.  They are so beautiful – each one.  I am sure that these will be the gifts I give for the next few years.  A room without them is just a missed opportunity to spread the joy and beauty.  It makes me hopeful that others will think of me when I give the flowers to them.  There’s only one problem – when I get the flowers, I don’t want to share!!  In fact, the orange-colored nosegay was so stunning and it just looked so perfect in the guest bedroom in the basement that I didn’t give them to my uncle after all!  In the next order I will get him some – maybe for his birthday.”

“Just had to tell you this and thank you again”

Mary P. from Johnstown, PA

And we would like to add one more

Silkflowers.com permanent botanical designs stay beautiful for many, many years. It may sound trite, but they truly are gifts that keep giving.

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