… for seasonal floral arrangement storage

Here’s a helpful idea. Consider saving the shipping boxes when you purchase Silkflowers.com seasonal floral arrangements and holiday designs. At season end, simply place your new designs back in their boxes. Our shipping boxes will protect your new arrangements during seasonal storage. When you open them again for next year’s decorating, they will be as fresh and beautiful as the day they arrived. We guarantee they will put a smile on your face for many seasons to come.

Our packaging technique, using high quality boxes and container securing inserts, protect your silk flower arrangements and artificial plants during shipment. It makes sense that the shipping boxes can also serve as protective storage boxes.

FLA730-MP Silkflowers.com Fall Floral Arrangement in Box

| Harvest Moon Fall Silk Flower Arrangement in Box – www.silkflower.com |
A final note:

You may notice our packaging is very clean. We never use the annoyingly messy and static-charged beaded styrofoam blocks or styrofoam peanuts in any of our shipping boxes.

If you don’t reuse the boxes for storage, please recycle them. All of our packaging materials are recyclable.

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