Artificial Poinsettias are an Easy Choice

When you consider the benefits, it’s an easy decision. High quality artificial poinsettia plants look fresh and remain beautiful through the entire holiday season. They are carefree; no need for water, sunlight, proper temperature and humidity. Silk poinsettias never drop leaves or die – they remain a beautiful part of your holiday decorations and celebrations for many years. Petals silk poinsettias make holiday decorating easy for you!

Artificial Poinsettias are the Greener Choice

It is rather sobering to think that displaying something as beautiful and as natural as live poinsettia plants in our holiday décor can be detrimental to the environment.

Consider the quantity of live poinsettia plants sold each year in the United States. According to the USDA Floriculture Crops 2014 Summary, page 42, over 33 million poinsettia plants were sold by domestic producers in 15 states. This is only a sampling of the largest US producers. According to the University of Florida, nearly 70 million plants sell nationwide each year in the six weeks prior to Christmas.

Each year, live poinsettias must start from cuttings and grow to desired size in greenhouses, which require massive amounts of energy for temperature control. Imagine the carbon footprint resulting from the propagation of tens of millions of poinsettias each year. If your choice is live plants, buying locally grown poinsettias may reduce the carbon footprint resulting from transportation, but not from the energy used to create ideal growing conditions in greenhouses. The production process of artificial poinsettia plants creates minimal carbon dioxide. Most of their extremely small carbon footprint results from shipping transportation.

Consider the amount of space consumed in landfills from the disposal of tens of millions of perishable poinsettia plants at the end of the season each year. Organic plants will only biodegrade when composted and modern landfills do not perform the same as composts. So, if your choice is live poinsettia plants, consider disposing of them by composting, and reusing or recycling the plastic grower pots. Petals artificial poinsettia plants reduce waste.

Keep in mind that you can use, and reuse, our high quality silk poinsettias, for many, many Christmases to come. You will love taking them out of their boxes every year, still looking as fresh as the day they first arrived. Decorating with Petals silk poinsettias conserves resources and saves you money.


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