The unwritten benefit (until now) of using permanent botanicals in interior landscaping is versatility. The choice of artificial over live plantscaping not only saves you money and time, it gives you many more decorating options.

Silk trees and plants display beautifully in places where conditions of light, temperature, and humidity are not ideal for the survival of live plants. They are perfect in areas that are not easily accessible, where maintenance of live plants is not practical or even possible. Your selection is not limited to what will survive in that particular location, what is in season, or what is available at the greenhouse, (and what decorative container is available from the service provider’s vendor warehouse.)

Choosing artificial plants and flowers for your interior décor offers you an unlimited selection of botanical designs, which perform equally well in every situation. Their presence is so realistic that most people do not even notice they are artificial. This is our goal… that people assume they are real, and simply enjoy the natural beauty.

The Most Important Option is Design Customization

You have many options at Because we manufacture our own designs, we control the quality of our components as well as the creation of our floral arrangements, trees, and plants. We are able to offer you an extremely large variety and selection of high quality, superior permanent botanicals designs. Our inventory of decorative containers gives you the flexibility to choose the one that not only accentuates the beauty of your tree and plant, but also enriches your whole interior design.

You can take the design customization one-step further by choosing a Container Top Planting upgrade. Add a Smilax, Grass, or Pothos planting to the top of your decorative container. The number of combinations of trees, plants, containers, and container top plantings are virtually limitless. That gives you quite a few options for making your interior customized and truly unique!

Trim Silk Ficus Tree

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