Deluxe Phalaenopsis Trio

Orchids are treasured around the world for their delicate appearance and vibrant colors. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. Growing live orchids can be a demanding balancing act – incorporating temperature, humidity, light, watering, and potting techniques. Orchid societies and clubs are popular among those who have the time, talent, and desire to learn the techniques of growing and maintaining these intriguing plants. The American Orchid Society is a great source of information on live orchids.

Artificial Orchids are Exquisitely Detailed and Amazingly Lifelike

It is possible for the rest of us to enjoy these beautiful flowers year round, virtually care free. has created a wonderful assortment of artificial orchid designs. Impressively detailed blooms coupled with realistic stemming and foliage make our orchids so lifelike; you’ll have to touch them to believe they aren’t alive. Even then, you are not always sure. New technologies and materials produce beautiful petal colorations and textures, thick stems with fleshy foliage, and in some designs, air roots. These are not the fabric flowers of the first generation of “silk flowers”. They have evolved into very convincing reproductions.

Our wide variety of species, colors, and designs meet the needs of any decorating style. In a minimalist or contemporary decor, silk orchids can provide a broad stroke of color; or a sophisticated, understated floral element. In a more traditional decor, they can be an unexpected and exciting stylistic fusion; or a simple botanical specimen. They have truly become a floral design staple and must-have for the home and the office. Accents bring a happy burst of color to any small space; centerpieces can make your table a delightful place to linger; and large focals introduce drama, flair, and elegance.

Our Popular Artificial Orchids Designs include:

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