If you have a terrific boss, National Boss Day should be important to you. It’s the perfect opportunity to thank your employer and show appreciation for a job in a great company. You may wish to recognize that the culture and environment in your work place is the result of fantastic leadership. If your boss is… well, let’s just say less than terrific, you may not have many reasons to be grateful. However, that fact might be reason enough to start looking for new employment.

A gift of flowers has always been the traditional way to say thank you. Consider the benefits of sending a gift of permanent botanicals. Silkflowers.com designer quality silk flower arrangements and artificial plant designs arrive beautiful, ready to display right out of the box. They are carefree, permanent, and serve as a long-term reminder of your appreciation and your dedication.

Our permanent botanicals will add the beauty of nature to an already inspirational environment. Premium silk flower arrangements (like our Coral & Blue Centerpiece) and artificial plant designs (like our Succulent Planter) in the workplace have gender-neutral appeal. When integrated into office décor, flowers and plants promote feelings of well-being, reduce stress, and increase job satisfaction. They are a beautiful and affordable complement to the wonderful culture and nurturing environment your boss has created. Express your appreciation and beautify your boss’s workspace.

Coral & Blue Silk Centerpiece

Faux Succulent Planter

Deluxe Croton Silk Plant

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