Gardeners are especially anxious this time of year, eager for the weather to change and for soil temperatures to climb. They can’t wait to start digging. Anticipation has been building ever since the seed catalogs arrived and their plan developed. Gardeners are determined, hardworking people.

You Don’t have to Wait makes it easy to cultivate the beauty of a garden indoors, yielding immediate results. Create your own greenhouse effect inside your home. Our artificial flowers and plants are realistic, lifelike renderings, which produce the same visual satisfaction and enjoyment as fresh cut flowers and houseplants… right now, without continual effort.

Silk plants are designed for the indoors, and stay beautiful in less than ideal conditions, where it may be difficult to sustain live plants. They are ideal in areas of your home or business that may be difficult to access on a daily basis; areas where care and maintenance is impractical or easy to neglect.

Silk plantscaping is beautiful in the part of your home that transitions to your outdoor living space, such as your great room that exits to a deck or patio. Artificial floor plants in decorative containers placed along the interior of your floor-to-ceiling windows visually blend into your exterior landscape, creating a dramatic transition.

Benefits without Work

It is all about convenience and gaining benefits without work. Artificial flowers and plant designs are carefree, permanent, and a one-time purchase. Browse our Spring 2014 Collection to help grow your interior garden and enrich your interior design. Relax, enjoy, be happy!

Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid - Fuchsia/Purple

Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid – Fuchsia/Purple

Double Full Spathiphyllum Silk Plant

Double Full Spathiphyllum Silk Plant

Dracaena Silk Plant

Dracaena Silk Plant



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