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Lotus Blossom & Lily Pad

There is a passion and love for Nature that drives us to do what we do. When we see something that is so beautiful, so unique, I think it is natural for human beings to want to preserve that feeling and emotion to share it with others. We try to preserve that fleeting, ephemeral beauty and capture it forever for our indoor environment.

One floral designer whom I have known for many years put it best. He was trained in fine art, was extremely skilled in many mediums, and shared his talent and knowledge as a teacher. I once asked him why he decided to finish his career in floral design. He simply answered, “Because it makes people so happy.” That moment defined why I was in the business. Before then, I hadn’t been able to put it into words.

… And is Refined by Art

As I wrote in an earlier blog, Claude Monet and his Gardens in Giverny, France have had a profound influence on our product development. His gardens, or the “nature” which he created, served as his inspiration. I believe that Monet’s inspiration must have been similar to ours – with nature playing the most important role.

His many water lily paintings dominated his work throughout the later years of his life. “These landscapes of water and reflection have become an obsession for me,” he wrote to a friend. “It is beyond my strength as an old man, and yet I want to render what I feel.” Just like Monet’s obsession, realism is our obsession. We are driven by the desire to capture the beauty of nature and preserve that feeling and emotion for a very simple purpose: “it makes people so happy”.

Water Lily at Monet’s Pond

The image (above) of the Water Lily Design was taken at Monet’s pond. It is from our archives and was one of our first water lily designs inspired by Monet’s gardens and artwork. I took this photograph in January, 1998. Since it was winter, there were no water lilies in Monet’s pond, and I thought this would make an interesting shot. I was very fortunate and honored that I was permitted to visit at that time of year. Today, we are still influenced by Monet’s Water Lilies – we feel it is why our water lily designs continue to be popular with our clients.

View our slideshow below for more inspirational images. Three separate galleries, from that winter 1998 visit, from my spring 2010 visit to Monet’s Garden and the Musee de l’Orangerie. You also might enjoy exploring the Giverny Gardens website. It’s a wonderful source of information and more photographs.

Be Inspired!

Tim Hennessy


Monet's Garden Winter Visit 1998

Monet's Garden Spring Visit 2010

The Musee de I'Orangerie



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