Hydrangea & Berry Centerpiece

Hydrangea & Berry Centerpiece
Color enhances neutral space. Accessorize with pillows and a throw, candles, glass and ceramic vases, wall art, and/or window treatment that are the same color value – tint, tone, or shade – as the flowers in your favorite arrangement.

Don’t be stuck, add some color!

Let’s face it, neutral color is here to stay. Builders like it, realtors like it, and landlords like it. Some designers call it sophisticated, others call it boring. But if you feel like you’re stuck in neutral, you can accessorize with the colors of your dreams. That’s if you know which colors those might be. The solution that leads to that discovery is to start small.

Usually the first thing that you notice when you enter a room are the flowers. The attractive natural color catches your eyes because color is pleasing to your brain. What’s the first thing you see when you walk into an upscale hotel, casino, resort, restaurant, spa, etc? It’s the flowers and the plantscaping! There is a reason for that… these places of business know how important flowers and plants are to their clients’ sense of well-being.

Don’t you think it should be just as important in your own home?

The solution is to start small – so let’s start with the flowers. Silkflowers.com artificial silk flower arrangements are ideally suited to interior design. Choose a flower arrangement that “speaks” to you, one that creates a reaction of contentment, of internal happiness and joy, the one that pushes your smile button. That’s the one that has the color combination, or palette, which is most pleasing to you. And, isn’t that what’s important in your own home?

Now build from that small first step design choice. Add accessory selections in colors from your palette. You are basically working with a blank, or neutral, canvas; express yourself by adding the colors from your palette. Just be aware that the neutral color in which you feel stuck is part of your palette.

small to medium arrangement

[img src=http://blog.petals.com/wp-content/flagallery/small-to-medium-arrangement/thumbs/thumbs_fla223-ms_enlarge.jpg]28800Alstromeria & Daisies
This colorful burst of daisies, lilacs, alstromeria, and statice will lift the spirit of friends and family alike.
[img src=http://blog.petals.com/wp-content/flagallery/small-to-medium-arrangement/thumbs/thumbs_fla517-ru_enlarge.jpg]28440Cymbidium Orchid Accent
Available in pale green or rust, this realistic artificial cymbidium orchid arrangement is sure to fool even the most avid orchid enthusiast.
[img src=http://blog.petals.com/wp-content/flagallery/small-to-medium-arrangement/thumbs/thumbs_flb572-ms_enlarge.jpg]27750Delphinium & Lilac Centerpiece
This refreshing silk delphinium & lilac centerpiece consisting of calla lilies, delphinium, lilac and cosmos will help add a glow to any room in your home or office.
[img src=http://blog.petals.com/wp-content/flagallery/small-to-medium-arrangement/thumbs/thumbs_fla710-ms_enlarge.jpg]27760Gerbera Daisy Rose & Cornflower Accent
This compact and cute bouquet will add a spritz of fresh floral color to any accent table or desk.
[img src=http://blog.petals.com/wp-content/flagallery/small-to-medium-arrangement/thumbs/thumbs_fla519-ms_enlarge.jpg]27900Rubrum Lily & Viburnum Accent
Various shades of pink rubrum silk lilies, ranunculus and wax flower are accented with green viburnum and springeri.
[img src=http://blog.petals.com/wp-content/flagallery/small-to-medium-arrangement/thumbs/thumbs_flb463-mp_enlarge.jpg]27490Silk Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece
Our spellbinding silk gerbera daisy summer splendor comes in a simple silk arrangement that's sure to turn heads because of color alone. We offer you four different colors of our silk gerbera daisies - fuchsia, orange, white and yellow - come together in a nicely-sized centerpiece that's chock full of color and whimsy.



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