A few months ago, one of our clients ordered a tulip arrangement to send as a gift. He had previously bought the same arrangement for his home and thought it would be great to send to his sister as a birthday gift. That happens all the time, but the unusual thing was he included specific instructions on how to remove the tulips from the box in his personalized message on the gift card. He even mentioned how to find and cut the strapping at the bottom of the box which secures the arrangement to the protective foam bottom.

We got the message!

Our current removal instructions printed on the box flap were being overlooked or were missing the mark. Either way, they weren’t working.

We now print new improved graphic instructions on a 4” x 6” full color sticker. We ship every silk design with this sticker adhered to the top flap on the inside of the box. On the sticker image shown below, note the red scissors and arrows clearly indicate exactly where to cut the straps to release the silk flower arrangement or silk plant design from the protective foam packing.


Our Perfect Packaging Video is also very helpful. Click below and see how easy it is!

We love feedback from our clients – even when it is indirectly received. It helps us to become a better company. Thanks David from Connecticut!

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