Succulent Accent | A cross section design of permanent flora specimens from the earth's more arid regions.

Succulent Accent | A cross section design of permanent flora specimens from the earth’s more arid regions.

Succulents continue to be one of the hottest trends in outdoor gardening and interior landscaping (plantscaping). Most greenhouses and garden centers have jumped on the popularity wagon by offering a larger selection; and many have enthusiastic succulent experts who can help you. There’s also plenty of on-line information. Once your outdoor succulent garden is established, minimal care is necessary to keep it thriving and beautiful. The rewards of this unique texture, dimension, and color infusion into your landscape – in addition to your long-term enjoyment – from small amounts of effort are phenomenal.

Care for Indoor Succulents

A recent article in a floral trade magazine was touting low-care maintenance of succulents as a benefit for their use as indoor houseplants. This may be an accurate assessment when you compare succulent care to the high-care maintenance necessary for most indoor house plants.

It is not the quantity of care – it’s the quality of care. And not all of us have a green thumb. Any living plant requires the right combination of sunlight, water, soil drainage, temperature, pest control, and fertilization just to survive, let alone thrive. That’s hardly low-care.

In another issue of that same trade magazine, reference was made to a U.S. Federal Trade commission 50-state survey, finding that 40% of interior plants sold are dead within one year and that only one in twenty-five consumers complain to the seller. The other 24 customers more than likely place the blame on themselves.

Care for Artificial Succulents

An earlier blog, “Simple Succulents” discussed the growing popularity of these little plants and the benefits of using our high quality artificial succulents for your interior décor. But we only touched on the topic of maintenance. succulent plant designs require zero-care maintenance. All of our beautiful, realistic plants are designed for the indoors – that’s how we keep it simple.

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