In our last blog, we invited you to take an objective look around your home after offering a quick and easy home décor shuffle idea. In this blog, we invite you to look at your office and business décor. Be objective, put yourself in your clients’ shoes and ask a few introspective questions. What message does your business décor send to your customers? Does it make the first impression you want to make? Does it project a successful image? Is it inviting to visitors? Do they feel welcome and comfortable? Does it add to the positive experience you are trying to create?

8' Deluxe Silk Bamboo Tree

Then ask yourself what message your workplace décor sends to your employees. Does it reflect a caring environment and nurture feelings of well-being? Does it help reduce stress? Does it raise job satisfaction? Does it provide the inspiration to increase creativity and productivity? Your office décor is an important element of your business culture. Great leadership creates a great culture, which attracts and retains great people, who contribute to the success of a great company.

“Adding permanent botanicals to your business décor will produce benefits you could never imagine.” can help you answer all the above questions with a resounding affirmative – “YES!” We can help you create positive results for your client experience and your employee morale. Plants and flowers in the workplace environment provide proven and demonstrated advantages. Interior landscaping (plantscaping) with artificial trees and plants, and decorating with silk floral designs, yield far greater benefits than using live plantscaping and fresh cut flower services. Plantscaping with artificial botanicals can play a significant role in helping you build an attractive and productive business culture.

Deluxe Croton Silk Plant

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