It is difficult for anyone residing in an assisted living or long-term care facility to maintain a positive mental attitude. It is especially difficult during the holiday season. A gift of your time is obviously the most precious. When that is not possible, a gift of flowers can lift their spirits and refresh their souls as well.

The presence of flowers and plants is beneficial to the healing process and increases feelings of well-being. A gift of natural beauty makes people happy. It adds instant warmth to the recipient’s heart and to their interior décor as well. However, fresh cut flowers and live plants can create problems for the facility’s caregivers.

Fresh cut flowers require special handling. They are messy, dropping petals, leaves, and pollen. Live plants also require special care. The fresh cut flower water is not only a spill risk, but becomes smelly after a few days and offensive after a week. It is a genuine problem for the caregivers since residents are reluctant to let go of a gift from a loved one, even though the flowers have died. It is also a huge let down for the residents when the flowers are finally thrown out.

A gift of a beautiful silk flower arrangement or lifelike artificial plant is a much better way to send a caring message. A high quality silk flower arrangement or artificial plant design from is carefree, and its natural beauty will never perish. It will become a treasured part of the recipient’s room décor and will serve as a reminder of your love and special relationship for a very long time.


Mixed Mums & Grass

When you send a gift of natural beauty to someone special, make sure it is truly something special

We can guarantee smiles because we know from experience that our silk flower arrangements and artificial plant designs deliver happiness. Your gift is important because it’s going to someone you love. This is why we make sure our flowers and plants arrive beautiful, ready to display right out of the box.

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