Is it crazy to talk about Spring before the first day of winter even hits the calendar? Well then, we must be crazy. In the floral industry, especially in direct mail and e-business, working ahead of the season is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. We’re finalizing our Spring 2013 catalog which will start mailing in early January, 2013. Our new permanent floral designs will be loaded on the web and ready to ship at that same time. Planning for new Spring designs starts in early June, with design and development following in July, and photography rounding out the process in late September. With this effort, we are the only artificial floral design company that produces a high quality catalog as a companion to our e-business, enabling our clients to experience our work up close and personal.

Professional Photography is a Priority

We won’t settle for snapping a quick digital and uploading it to our website. Most of our photos are taken on location in model homes, condos, offices, and commercial buildings. These are our environment shots. It’s important to present the floral or plant design in a setting where you might display it in your own home or office. Studio photography provides a different level of imagery. These are the outline photos – the ones that appear on a white background. They are the focal shots, or the alternate view photos, in which we show you as much of the detail of the design as possible. In all of our photography, we strive to achieve an ideal end result which ensures what you see is what you get.

In The Studio

Here Tim Hennessy, our managing director, tweaks a couple arrangements. There must be separation between the flowers and the foliage in floral arrangement photographs. The optimal result shows the individual elements of the design in a position which makes them as visible as possible. Lighting is a key part of the process. A balance must be obtained between eliminating shadows and maintaining contrast and texture for each photograph. It is especially difficult for floral designs in glass vases. The challenge is the part of the design that is inside the vase must be visible with minimal reflection on the surface of the glass. To us, it’s very important that we portray the true coloration and the true quality of our floral designs in every single photograph we present to you. That is our goal and that’s why professional photography is a vital part of our process. It would take great effort to find a better floral photographer in the country than Tony Arrasmith at Arrasmith and Associates, Inc. He helps make our job easier and a lot more fun.

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