Silk Botanicals Produce Unbelievable Benefits

By using artificial plants and flowers in their interior decor, building owners and facility managers can gain immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance. There are both environmental and financial benefits resulting from the choice of permanent silk plants and silk flower arrangements over live plant leasing and fresh flower services. Owners and managers can reduce their related carbon dioxide emissions by more than 99% and save up to 98% on their interior landscaping (plantscaping) expenditures.

LEED Buildings

Plantscaping with silk trees, plants, and flower arrangements help owners and managers in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings to meet their sustainability objectives. Taken directly from the U.S. Green Building Council websiteLEED certified buildings are designed to:

The above links address each of these important issues and demonstrate our commitment to help our clients achieve each of these benefits. These are important messages because they illustrate that even a relatively small category, such as interior plantscaping, can have a very large environmental impact. We believe the decision to use permanent botanicals for plantscaping, like the building owner’s choice to be involved in the LEED process, “demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility”. Many of these benefits are also realized by, and apply equally well to, the environmentally conscience homeowner.

Press | BUILDINGS Magazine

We are delighted that silk botanicals and our sister company, OfficeScapesDirect, were featured in a 6/1/2012 BUILDING Magazine article, “Natural Plants vs. Silk Botanicals”  and  by Christopher Curtland, assistant editor. Way to go, sis!

Isn’t It Time

Isn’t it time to consider the practicality of beautiful silk botanicals from Your budget, and the environment, will thank you.

You can also see our magazine spread in BUILDING Magazine on page 28 {Open publication HERE}

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