Are You Among The Many That Do It Wrong?

What is the first thing most people do when they decorate?  Where do they start? More than likely the process includes a visit the paint center in the local hardware store and a painstakingly meticulous selection of color chips. Followed by another visit and more color samples. Then the color, or colors, for the space is usually “settled” upon. Unfortunately, this choice seems to dictate the colors for the rest of their décor selections. We’ve all been there; somehow it seems to make sense to start with the largest thing, but it doesn’t always end with something we really love.

It’s backwards. Start with something small. Find something you love, not just like. It could be a painting or photograph, a sofa pillow, a comforter, or a floral arrangement. It’s probably just a coincidence, but at, we believe an artificial flower arrangement is the ideal place to start. It makes sense to us to build your décor around something that you love. Make it your color palette and select artwork and accessories, furniture, flooring, and lastly, wall color from this palette.

Incorporating color scheme of our Zinnia, Gerbera & Lily Centerpiece into table setting and overall décor.

Understand Color

Sometimes, a little education goes a long way. If you would like to learn more about color, or simply take a refresher course, we recommend the simplified and down-to-earth explanation that is presented by one of our suppliers, Design Master color tool, Inc.  They are color experts in the floral industry. You will also read how color harmony works into floral design and just might discover your favorite floral design concept.



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