According to Oxford Dictionaries :


Pronunciation: /ɑːtɪˈfɪʃ(ə)l/
1. made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural:
her skin glowed in the artificial light
an artificial limb
artificial flowers and unanimously agree with Oxford in their first (#1) definition.

According to :

Artificial is an adjective we use to describe our flowers and plants. Designed and produced by human beings, our high quality artificial flowers and plants serve as an artistic reproduction of beautiful, natural flora. Other commonly used adjectives, or if you prefer, synonyms, used to describe artificial flowers and plants include silk, permanent, simulated, plastic, poly, and manufactured, more recently, rendered, and sometimes, faux and fake.

As with any manufactured item, to stand the test of time, it must produce benefits that human beings appreciate in order for it to survive in the marketplace. Humans appreciate the beauty of nature. Whatever the anthropological reason may be, we have an innate attraction to colorful, beautiful flowers. It’s natural that we want to capture and surround ourselves with that beauty in our indoor environments. Quality artificial silk flowers and plants make that possible. They offer many benefits, which fresh cut flowers and live plants cannot deliver for use in interior decor.

Artificial, silk flowers and plants have a purpose. When rendered in artfully arranged floral and plant designs, they enliven our interior décor and lift our spirits. Just like the fresh flowers and live plants after which they are modeled, high quality, well-designed, silk botanicals add natural color, texture, and vitality to your décor and produce feelings of well-being.

Permanent silk botanicals bring natural beauty into our homes and offices. They are cost-effective, offering real value and long-term use. They are carefree – no water, no mess, no plant food or fertilizer. They do not depend on special conditions of sunlight, temperature, or humidity. They are free of allergens and pesticides. Their transportation produces a miniscule carbon footprint. They never die. If they do end up in a landfill, after many years of enjoyment, being inert, they will not produce methane like fresh cut flower and live plant waste.

You may have noticed that we have a real passion for what we do at A recent article, which expressed a critical opinion of silk flowers, written in the international media, inspired this blog rant. The author, in his professed opinion, believes silk flowers are infra dig. Checking the fresh cut flower snob dictionary, infra dig translates as beneath one’s dignity. It would be infra dig of us to mention his name or his publication.

However, we would like to offer him some advice. He should realize that not all silk flowers are created equal, and that not all floral designers are good designers. Perhaps, during his travels, he should pause, and smell the flowers. If he gets close enough, very close, he might discover that the flowers are artificial, and quite possibly from

Calla Lily Accent - Orange |

Calla Lily Accent – Orange |

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