An important design element when including artificial floor plants and trees in any interior decorating project is the plant container.

It’s Easy to Choose the Right Style Plant Container

We make it easy for you to choose a great looking container. You will find many in our decorative plant container line designed for the style of your home or office interior. We recommend choosing a color that will complement other design elements in the room rather than match the colors of the walls or floor. It should stand out only in the sense it is perfect in combination with the silk floor plant or tree it holds, as a part of the whole room décor. But it should not blend into its surroundings.

The Trick is to Choose the Right Size Plant Container

The proper container should be correctly sized; able to hold and serve as a stable base for the plant or tree. It should be believable as a functioning planter that could contain a root ball appropriate to the size of the plant or tree. An oversized container is much more convincing and more desirable than an undersized one.

The container should also serve as a stable and secure base so the plant or tree doesn’t topple when accidentally brushed, or fall apart when moved for housekeeping or relocation.

” The most common mistake when decorating with artificial botanicals is choosing a container that’s too small. It screams FAKE and reduces the effectiveness of the whole presentation”.

We Solve the Problem

Free Catalog From offers a wonderful and extensive line of decorative plant containers designed to enhance and complement any interior décor style. We solve the sizing dilemma by providing a container selection guide on page 25 of our free catalog and showing correctly sized container options online for every one of our artificial floor plants and trees. We solve the stability problem with our quality floor plant assembly and handcrafted tree construction.

It’s easy; you can’t go wrong because your satisfaction is guaranteed. artificial plants and trees in our decorative containers make beautiful combinations.

Double Silk Silver Queen Plant

Silk Pagoda Ming Aralia - 5ft

Silk Papyrus Plant

Dwarf Japanese Maple - Green

Mixed Silk Dracaena Plant

Tall Deluxe Silver Birch Tree - 10ft

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