Most people want the decor in their new home to be warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Your home is your retreat, a place to relax and revive your spirits. It’s also an important gathering place for family and friends. You want your home to be cozy and inviting as well as beautiful, not a bleak fortress of solitude.

Part 1 of this blog topic discussed how beautiful flower arrangements serve as an essential decorating accessory by infusing pure (and warming) color into your space. Part 2 determined that very few decorative accessories capture the beauty of nature, and render its natural colors and organic textures into your home. Now consider the value of the color green as part of your new home decor.

Green is the color of nature. When used in decorating, it has a calming, healing, and comforting effect. It is the ideal accessory color for home decor because it works with any color palette. Consider it the universal color donor; it balances warm colors with coolness and cool colors with warmth. Browse our favorite color palette site to find the palette you love. It is impossible to find one that green does not enhance.

Furthermore, no other home decorating accessory can introduce wonderful hues of green into your home decor as beautifully and easily as artificial plants. High quality permanent botanicals are carefree, permanent, and affordable DIY design elements that add natural color and texture to your home design. They are decorative accessories that actually enrich your new home as well as your feeling of well-being. Nothing can make your home feel cosier, more inviting, and more beautiful than lifelike artificial plants and trees.

Faux Succulent Floral Accent

23" ZZ Silk Plant

Aspidistra & Chinese Evergreen Silk Plant


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