There’s an abundance of great ideas for decorating small spaces. (Using the title phrase of this blog to search will yield millions of results!) Most ideas focus on practical solutions for the efficient utilization of tight living quarters. It is inspiring to see so many unique and clever ideas to maximize the use of living space and storage areas. When you browse through the room images, you will find most photos have one common design element. Almost universally, the rooms include a floral or plant décor element.

Botanical Décor Elements add Life and Warmth

You can’t deny the difference flowers and plants make in a room’s décor. Just a single floral arrangement or houseplant changes the space to a cozier and more welcoming place. Flowers and plants lift our spirits; they make us happier. You want your home décor to create feelings of well-being. It should not be cold and bleak.

Permanent Botanicals are designed for Your Space artificial flower accents and tabletop plants are the ideal size for decorating those small spaces in your home. Designed for your interior décor, they infuse life, color, and natural beauty into your room. They’re beautiful, affordable, and don’t require a commitment for their long-term care. Simple beauty that’s easy to enjoy.

Sunflower Silk Flower Arrangement - Yellow

Sunflower Silk Flower Arrangement – Yellow

Succulent - Set of 2

Succulent – Set of 2

Water Lily Spa Silk Accent - Pink

Water Lily Spa Silk Accent – Pink

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