At, our goal is to produce beautiful high quality silk flower, plant, and tree designs at a fair price, and deliver them to your door in perfect condition. That is our definition of value. We strive to go beyond simply writing it somewhere in a mission statement. It is our creativity. It is our art. It is our people. It is what we ship. It is how we offer the best product and guarantee in the industry. The enjoyment you receive from our designs is what makes us feel successful. We love helping you enhance your home and office décor because it makes you happy.

And it is why we listen to our clients

One of our favorite business gurus is Seth Godin, probably because so much of his business philosophy seems to be so amazingly in sync with our own. It’s uncanny how many of our internal discussions seem to end up as a topic in one of his blogs. His blog of January 31, 2013, Customers who break things,” hit us just that way. To paraphrase Seth, there are 2% of your customers who, no matter what you do, can’t be pleased. And if you listen to them, instead of firing them, you can improve that number to 1%.

His analysis is dead on our numbers. The return rate of our total orders is exactly 2%. Although that is an incredibly low number in the floral industry, we remain diligent. Our data tells us that we have achieved the 1% of customers who we can’t please no matter what we do. The other half of our returns, the remaining 1%, has normal, understandable, and acceptable reasons for return. We embrace the unhappy 2%. We listen to them and make half of them happy again.

So, apparently, Seth is right again.

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Junior Lily Centerpiece in Rubrum

Junior Lily Centerpiece in Rubrum



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