Nothing says you’re thinking of someone at Christmas as beautifully as a gift of flowers. However, if you are thinking about having fresh flowers or live poinsettias delivered, you may want to reconsider. Freezing winter temperatures destroy perishable fresh cut flowers. Even brief exposure to temperatures below 50 degrees will damage live poinsettia plants. Holiday Floral Designs make worry free gifts.

Choosing holiday silk floral designs over fresh cut flowers and live poinsettias for Christmas gifts has many advantages. One benefit is the cold winter temperatures do not affect their quality. You can send them with confidence knowing your gift of beautiful flowers will safely arrive to family and friends in time for Christmas. You have no need to worry about your gift being left on the doorstep because no one is home. It will be in perfect condition when they eventually open it.

The recipient will not need to deal with any “special care instructions” when they receive a permanent flower and plant arrangement. It will be beautiful right out of the box and ready for placement. Your gift of our handcrafted silk flower arrangement ensures many years of enjoyment for the happy recipient. It’s also nice to know that your gift will create a lasting memory of your special relationship.




Amaryllis Silk Flower Arrangement - White

White Amaryllis Silk Flower Arrangement

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