A client whose company manufactures sensitive industrial testing equipment told us “artificial plants are cleaner than live plants, which make them ideal for decorating their clean facility”. Many industries require clean environments to function. A Clean Room is a vital component of their manufacturing and/or research operation. Obviously, it is important to reduce sources of contamination in all interior areas of their facility, including the common areas and offices.

Silk Botanicals for Clean Décor

Interior landscaping (plantscaping) using silk trees, plants, and florals provides all the benefits and none of the hassles of live plants or fresh flowers. Compare the real problems of live plantscaping to the simple and beautiful solution of silk botanicals.

It becomes an easy decision to choose silk botanicals to ensure clean plantscaping. All the aesthetic and psychological benefits of interior plantscaping are obtained. Simultaneously, potting soil dust, allergens, and plant debris are eliminated. Conditions causing mold and mildew, and the need for fertilizers and pesticides are removed. The problem of plant service personnel needing access to restricted areas is no longer a concern.

Silk is Clean and Designed for the Indoors

Clean environments benefit everyone, not just the “clean room” industries. Silkflowers.com helps restaurants, medical buildings, and corporate offices, as well as homeowners, maintain cleaner interiors. Live plants belong outside – they just aren’t practical inside. Silkflowers.com creates silk trees, plants, and flower arrangements for the indoor environment and offers a wonderful selection of designs and planters for your interior plantscaping.

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  1. Mike Andrews says:

    After read this blog which all about silk botanical. I tend to think it might be good as it real tree but most of people not tend to think that artificial good as it real tree but good information and i care such info. Thanks for sharing.

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