Around the world, people treasure orchids for their unique appearance and vibrant color. Unfortunately, live orchid plants require optimal conditions of temperature, humidity, light, water, fertilizer, and potting. Orchid societies are popular among those who have the time, talent, and desire to learn the complexities of growing and maintaining these intriguing plants. The American Orchid Society is a great resource for information on cultivating live orchids.

It is possible for the rest of us to enjoy the unique natural beauty of these blooms year round, without the demands of caring for them. has created a wonderful collection of artificial orchid designs. Remarkably detailed blooms with realistic foliage and stems make our orchids amazingly lifelike. You feel compelled to touch them, just to see if they are alive. Even then, you are not completely sure.

New manufacturing technologies and synthetic materials produce beautiful petal colorations and textures, thick stems, and lush foliage with air roots. Artificial orchids have become remarkable replicas of their live counterparts. These are not the fabric flowers on wire stems from your parent’s generation of “silk flowers”.

Our artificial orchid plants and arrangements have undeniably become a floral design staple and must-have design element for the home and office. They are carefree and always in bloom. Choose from a wide variety of species, colors, and designs (close to sixty) that will add natural beauty and organic texture to every interior decorating project. Accents bring a happy burst of color and life to any small space; centerpieces can make your table a delightful place to linger; and large focal designs infuse drama, flair, and elegance.

Dancing Oncidium Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement

Cymbidium Orchid & Monstera Leaf Silk Flower Arrangement

Vanda Orchid & Apista Leaf Silk Flower Arrangement

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