Are you fortunate enough to have a green thumb, and the time and space to collect and nurture live houseplants? You might like to know the benefits of mixing artificial botanicals into your indoor live plantscaping display. It is easy to add new plant varieties, new texture and dimension, and even new heights to your houseplant collection. Best of all, you can create an amazing presentation without adding to your workload.

Artificial Plants Play Well with Live Plants

Silk plants are designed for the indoors, and stay beautiful in less than ideal growing areas where conditions of sunlight, temperature, and/or humidity create problems for live plants. They are perfect for areas that may be difficult to access on a daily basis, where care and maintenance is impossible, or easy to neglect. Silk plantscaping is beautiful in areas of your home that transition to outdoor living space, such as your patio or deck. Place artificial floor plants along the interior of your floor-to-ceiling windows to visually blend into your exterior landscaping and create a dramatic transition.

Keep an open mind about mingling artificial plants with your live houseplants. It is not an either/or question; you can have the best of both worlds. High quality silk plants and florals from are so realistic and look so lifelike that most people don’t even notice they are artificial. They always have a lush, thriving appearance; a look that continues to impress for many, many years. Together, your beautiful design ideas and permanent flowers, plants, and trees have unlimited potential.

Tips – We previously shared that clients have told us they place our silk orchid stems in their live plants that aren’t blooming. Others have positioned our silk plants among their live houseplants and have even covered the top of the containers with potting soil. Florists often substitute our silk stems into their fresh cut bouquets when the bride’s favorite flower is seasonally not available, or is too delicate or too expensive.

Share your thoughts below on how you combine the best of both worlds.

10 feet tall deluxe silver birch tree in 22" burnt copper uptown container

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