An Artificial Tree will Brighten Your Home Décor with Natural Beauty and Texture

Just as a Christmas tree adds natural beauty to your holiday décor, an artificial palm, bamboo, or ficus tree can produce the same effect, in the same space, for your everyday interior décor. A high quality artificial tree infuses organic color and texture, new dimension, and the fresh beauty of nature into your room design.

Imagine how one of our stylish and affordable Ship/Shape Trees would enliven your home. Tropical Yucca, Kentia Palm, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Reed Palm, Golden Bamboo, Bamboo, Areca Palm, and two color variations of Greenhouse Ficus – a collection of nine varieties, available in 5-foot, 6-foot, and 7-foot sizes, make it easy to find the one that fits your space, and your style.

Ordering one of our decorative containers ensures a very stable, secure base for your new tree. Our construction process marries the planting to the proper size container, and surpasses anything produced in the artificial floral industry. has a wonderful selection of decorative plant containers designed to enhance your tree and complement your interior décor style.

Choosing a high quality artificial tree and decorative container from is easy, affordable, carefree, and 100% guaranteed. Its natural beauty, and your enjoyment, will last a lifetime.

6' Golden Bamboo Artificial Tree



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