First, get rid of the clutter. Any home that is lived in has clutter. Second, get rid of the clutter, again. Put away anything that you don’t use daily. Give away anything in your storage areas that you haven’t used in the last 2 years. Local charities need the donations; Reuse is better than Recycling or the landfill. Any period less than 2 years, well, it never fails – next week you will need what you just gave away. If you get inspired and decide to paint, or rearrange the furniture, you are on your own. Remember, this is quick and easy.

Next, gather up all the decorative accessories around your home, including the hanging wall décor, and lay them aside in one staging area. While you are doing this, evaluate the placement of the occasional furniture, and maybe even your lamps. You might discover these pieces would serve you better in a different area of your home. Relocating these items will be easy now that the clutter is out of the way.

Now, for the fun part; reshuffle. Pretend you are a designer with a cable show doing a home makeover. Pick your favorite item from the pile of “stuff” you have gathered. Put it in a place where you spend most of your time, where you would most appreciate it. Continue this discriminating selection of your favorites, redistributing them throughout your home, but only place the item if you really love it in that space. Give away anything that remains in the staging pile. It probably doesn’t fit, and if you really love it, you would have placed it.

Take an Objective Tour of Your Home

The reshuffling process should refresh and revitalize the appearance to your décor. Walk around your home. Are you happy with the message the room sends? Is it inviting? Does it create a feeling of well being? Do your eyes naturally focus on something when you enter a room? Does it elicit an emotional response? Is that special something missing?

More than likely, the room is missing a floral element. People have an innate affinity to natural beauty. Their eyes instinctively focus on natural color and beautiful form. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, there are subliminal psychological benefits gained by adding plants and floral designs to a room’s décor. Well-designed silk flower arrangements and artificial plant designs produce these same benefits without any of the hassles of fresh cut flowers or live plants. The bottom line is they just make people feel better longer

Magnolias & Orchids Silk Arrangement

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