The media has been reporting on the pollen tsunami that has hit allergy sufferers this spring. Well, no big news if you suffer from allergies – nature causes a tidal wave of symptoms for allergy sufferers every May. The best advice for any kind of relief is avoidance.

However, staying indoors doesn’t mean you have to avoid nature’s beauty. A thoughtful client included the following gift card message with one of our silk flower arrangement.

Just because you can’t have live flowers, doesn’t mean you can’t have pretty ones. 

Love, Joanne

Everyone knows flowers and plants help people feel better. Just as any illness, nasal allergy symptoms wear you down. Moreover, being stuck indoors during such a beautiful season is depressing. silk flower arrangements and artificial plants make people happy. Our arrangements and plants capture the beauty of nature, without allergens, for carefree indoor enjoyment.

Roses & Viburnum Silk Flower Arrangement

Calla Lily Orchid Splendor Centerpiece

English Garden Silk Flower Centerpiece



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