Not many things can put a smile on our face as quickly as beautiful flowers. Every spring, a few clusters of yellow daffodils bloom at the edge of a mulch bed in my yard. They are remnants of someone’s past gardening efforts – a wonderful gift that my home’s previous owners are unaware they give me every year.

I cut these daffodils as soon as they bloom. Experience has taught me that they don’t last more than a few days. This year, I was again lucky to gather a handful before the next morning’s frost destroyed them.

I have also learned to watch for the smile they put on the face of everyone who sees them arranged in our dining table vase. These simple yellow daffodils continue to bring joy to my family and me year after year. They are truly a surprise gift, as we do not know if they will bloom yet one more time.

A gift of flowers is a gift of happiness. They give us so much more than their natural beauty.

Tim Hennessy


Deluxe Peony Silk Centerpiece - White

Deluxe Peony Silk Centerpiece – White

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