After 7 Years with Permanent Silk Florals from | Silk Hydrangea Lily BouquetImagine if a fresh flower arrangement would survive longer than 7 days. Imagine it would never wither, never die. Imagine it could stay as beautiful as the day it attains its full bloom and beauty.

Imagine being able to enjoy the natural beauty of botanicals all the time, not just as a temporary treat for yourself. Imagine a gift of flowers that could serve as a long-lasting reminder of your special relationship. Imagine the enjoyment you could reap and the smiles you could collect if flowers were permanent.

Imagine flowers that never need water. Never drop pollen, petals, or leaves. Imagine not worrying about pesticide contamination or adding to your carbon footprint.

Imagine the decorating versatility if flowers would never perish. Imagine enjoying them for a full season and being able to store them to reuse again for next year’s decoration. Alternatively, imagine being able to achieve new looks in your rooms, all year long, by simply rotating your flower arrangements through the house.

Imagine the thoughtful greeting and welcoming feeling that flowers could continuously provide visiting family and friends. Imagine the festive presentation a floral centerpiece could add, year after year, to your table for home holiday decorating and special occasion entertaining.

Imagine the long-term $ savings if your flower arrangements could survive for 7 years or longer. You can only dream of these long lasting benefits if you purchase fresh cut flowers. turns these fantasies into your reality.

Lasting benefits make it an easy choice – 7 days or 7 years of beauty and happiness

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