(for the guy who has it all) 

It’s the classic dilemma. What do you get for the guy who seems to have everything, the guy who says he doesn’t need anything, and the guy who doesn’t want you to spend any money on him? You can go the traditional route (again!), or you can go with a truly unique Father’s Day gift that will really take him by surprise.

Natural Masculine Charm

Succulents are one of the hottest trends for interior plants. The simple organic texture and warm color of these distinctive plants have a natural masculine charm Dad will appreciate. Succulents are an easy way to add a natural décor element to his indoor space. They are the ideal greenery accent for his office, and for his space at home.

Silkflowers.com artificial succulent designs are amazingly realistic. People can’t resist the urge to touch them. Even then, they still are not sure if the plants are real or artificial. It’s kind of fun to observe their reactions – possibly another reason Dad will like them.

Silkflowers.com permanent succulent plants are designed for the indoors. They serve as a long-lasting reminder of your love because they are carefree, and Dad certainly will appreciate that.

Faux Succulent Floral Accent

Faux Succulents & Eucalyptus Planter

Ferns & Succulents Artificial Plant Arrangement

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