The needs of your child away at college are many, whether it is the first year or the fifth. Although the list of necessities seems to be endless, you truly are providing the toolbox for your student’s success. Care packages, on the other hand, may seem optional, but are also an important tool for success.

There isn’t a more surprising, more beneficial, or more appreciated back-to-school care package than a gift of a silk flower or plant design. It’s a beautiful, easy, and affordable way to help your student settle into school life, adding instant color and natural beauty to a dorm room or off-campus apartment. Moreover, the presence of flowers and plants in a learning environment produce positive emotional responses, which improve academic performance.

It is a perfect gift for a student – it doesn’t require any care, doesn’t need assembly, and doesn’t create a distraction. It is simply beautiful right out of the box, ready for placement in your student’s room, making it a bit more homelike. Our floral accent designs take up very little space, allowing placement on desktops, narrow shelves, and windowsills.

We know from experience the joy our permanent flower and plant designs bring to students. Employees at, who have children away at college, have related the positive reactions received from their kids when given silk botanicals. Even more surprising, their kids’ friends thought the flowers and plants were cool.

Sending a gift of silk botanicals is an easy, affordable, and happy experience with

Silk flower and plant designs from deliver smiles. Their fresh appeal and natural realism will continually serve as a reminder of your support and special relationship. You will find they also have a small price for designs that render such long-term beauty.

The Cymbidium Orchid Accent ($29) and the Phalaenopsis Orchid Accent ($39) are stylish desktop orchid designs. The Open Rose & Bud Accent ($29) and the Rose Nosegay ($59) are available in seven wonderful, natural rose colors. The Fittonia Plant ($59) is wonderful for shelf or windowsill placement, and the Succulent Oasis ($89) is among our most popular plant designs.

Cymbidium Silk Orchid & Bamboo Accent

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