Most of these benefits need no explanation. Anyone who has ever made a fresh cut flower or fresh flower arrangement purchase will be able to appreciate many, if not all, of the following list. Of course, when you purchase your new designer quality artificial flower arrangement from, every single one of these benefits is guaranteed.

Your new artificial flower arrangement …

1)     will not wilt due to shipping temperature extremes.

2)     will not produce a large carbon footprint. (75% of fresh cut flowers are imported and transported by airfreight.)

3)    will not arrive with care tag instructions.

4)    will not need the flower stems cut.

5)    will not require arranging.

6)    will not arrive with plant food packets.

7)    will not need water.

8)     will not have pesticide contamination. (75% of fresh cut flowers are imported and treated with pesticides.)

9)    will not need 8 – 12 hours to revive.

10)  will not take a few days to fully bloom.

11)  will not trigger anyone’s allergies.

12)  will not need a change of water.

13)  will not need the stems re-cut.

14)  will not require re-arranging.

15)  will not drop petals or pollen stain your tabletop.

16)  will not die between 3 and 7 days.

17)  will not need to be replaced weekly.

18)  will not produce methane in landfills. (Fresh cut flower and plant waste does not compost in modern landfills.)

19)  will look just like the arrangement in the online photo.

20) will make you happy and 100% satisfied.

21)  will look fantastic for many, many, many years.

Large Lily Centerpiece

Large Lily Centerpiece

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